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P Molino Riemannian Foliations

Acknowledgements first of all, as a ph.Candidate, i am grateful to my thesis advisor prof.Guofang wang, for the instructive discussions about mathematics with him, for his guid.

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    Entropie gomtrique des feuilletages, avec r.Abstract mr article pdf riemannian foliations, examples and open problems, appendice du livre de p.Molino riemannian foliations.Translated from the french by grant cairns.With appendices by cairns, y.

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    Let s be a connected, compact, riemannian manifold with fundamental group , let w be a nite-dimensional vector space and suppose that glw is a homomorphism such that contains a proximal element.Let m , f be the.

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    Background h-type foliations clifford structures comparison theorems end notes sub-riemannian geometry versus riemannian geometry riemannian geometry is distinguished by the riemannian metric g and thus a definition of distance in all directions.Sub-riemannian geometry has a notion of distance, but only in some directions.

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    Transverse and complementary such that and restrict to contact forms on the leaves of the characteristic foliations of and ,respectively.This is a generalization of the neighborhood theorem for contact-type hypersurfaces in symplectic topology.

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    Citation jochen brning, franz w.Kamber, ken richardson.The equivariant index theorem for transversally elliptic operators and the basic index theorem for riemannian foliations.Electronic research announcements, 2010, 17 138-154.

  • Singular Riemannian Foliations On Simply Connected Spaces

    Be a singular riemannian foliation with sections s.For short if for each regular point p,thesetexp pplp is a complete immersed submanifold that meets each leaf orthogonally.Is called a section.Singular riemannian foliations with sections were rst studied by the rst author in 1,2,4 and continued to be.

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    A riemannian foliations with singularity were introduced by p.Molino 9, and studied in a.Narmanovs works 10, 14 and other authors.Previous results an important class of foliations of codimension one are the foliations gen-.

  • Riemannian Foliations On Contractible Manifolds

    The terminology of 9.Thus the following basic question about riemannian foliations seems to be open in its full generality question 1.Is any riemannian foliation on the euclidean space homoge-neous the paper is structured as follows.In section 2 we recall molinos con-struction that describes leaf closures of riemannian foliations.

  • Riemannian Foliations And Molinos Conjecture

    Molino, riemannian foliations, progress in mathematics vol.73, birkhauser boston 1988.Marcos martins alexandrino, instituto de matematica e estat stica, universidade de sao paulo usp, rua do mat ao, 1010, bloco a, 05508 090, sao paulo, brazil e-mail address malexime.

  • Horizontaldiameterofunitsphereswithpolar Foliations

    2 where dhp,q is the horizontal distance of p and q.Notice that diamhm diamm, where diamm is the diameter of m dened by its riemannian metric.Recently a lot of progress has been made in the singular riemannian foliations of.

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    Riemannian foliations, cf.Assume that the manifold m is compact and connected or the metric is complete.Then the closure of any leaf is a submanifold.Let k be any number between o and n.Define ek xem xediml, k.The leaves of,1 is ek are of the same dimension, however they can have holonomy.Molino demonstrated.

  • Characteristic Classes Of Riemannian Foliations

    Riemannian foliations rationality properties of the secondary classes of riemannian foliations and some relations between the values of the classes and the geometry of riemannian foliations are discussed.Question 3 molino, tokyo 1993 how do the values of the.

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    A fundamental point of this paper is to use properties of riemannian submersions and the molino structure theory for riemannian foliations to transform the calculation of into a standard problem about -equivariant ls category theory.A main result, theorem 1.6, states that for an associated.

  • Compact Leaves In Minimal Riemannian Foliations

    As the condition hqm,.T 7 0 ensures that the poincarduality holds for basic cohomology, cf.4, the fact that hgm,jr injects into hgm is equivalent to the fact that the basic cohomology injects into the cohomology of the manifold.P now we shall turn our attention to riemannian foliations.

  • Characteristic Classes For Riemannian Foliations

    Keywords riemannian foliation, characteristic classes, secondary classes, chern-simons classes 1.Introduction the chern-simons class9 of a closed 3-manifold m, considered as foliated by its points, is the most well-known of the secondary classes for rieman-nian foliations.Foliations with leaves of positive dimension o er a much.

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    Appendix c the duality between riemannian foliations and geodesible foliations.- appendix d riemannian foliations and pseudogroups of isometries.- appendix e riemannian foliations examples and problems.Series title progress in mathematics, 73 responsibility pierre molino transl.By grant cairns with apppendices by g.

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    Get this from a library riemannian foliations.Pierre molino -- foliation theory has its origins in the global analysis of solutions of ordinary differential equations on an n-dimensional manifold m, an autonomous differential equation is defined by a vector.

  • A Duality Theorem For Riemannian Foliations In Nonnegative

    A duality theorem for riemannian foliations in nonnegative sectional curvatureusing a new type of jacobi field estimate we will prove a duality theorem for singular riemannian foliations in complete manifolds of nonnegative sectional curvature.

  • Weitzenbck Formulas For Riemannian Foliations

    For general riemannian foliations, spectral asymptotics of the laplacian is studied when the metric on the ambient manifold is blown up in directions normal to the leaves adiabatic limit.

  • Finslerian Foliations Of Compact Manifolds Are Riemannian

    P lm,f the set gp is relatively compact, and the leaves of fl are relatively compact.The foliation fl is transversally parallelisable, so according to proposition 0.5 of 5, the foliation f is riemannian.Ghys, riemannian foliations examples and problems, appendix e in 4.

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    Mannian manifolds is a submetry if and only if p is a c1 riemannian submersion.Other large classical sources of equidistant decomposi-tions are provided by the decompositions into orbits of isometric group actions and singular riemannian foliations with closed leaves.Singu-lar riemannian foliations, dened by p.Molino, mol88, include as.

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    At the same time they pose a question whether any finslerian foliation is riemannian, which is a particular case of the problem presented by e.Ghys in appendix e of p.Molinos book, cf.The problem has been studied by the second author, cf.8 , 9 , and then generalized by c.

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    P molino riemannian foliations infirmiere infirmierbe.P molino riemannian foliations progress in math 73 birkhuser basel 1988 obtener precios a note on weinsteins conjecture jstor manifold m has a comipact leaf provided that there exists a riemannian metric on m which leaves invariant the reeb field of a such contact forms are called.

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    Cite this chapter as molino p.1988 the structure of riemannian foliations.In riemannian foliations.Progress in mathematics, vol 73.